Janet Maclean (former MSc student, UBC)

Janet Maclean (former MSc student, UBC)

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Janet Maclean earned her MSc with Jake and Roy Turkington through the University of British Columbia in 2012 and is now a PhD student at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Janet’s work demonstrated a heretofore unappreciated and (dare we state) pretty darned cool phenomenon: seed and seedling consumption by rodents had effects comparable to those of large ungulates on the demography of a monodominant savanna tree. Chalk one up for the charismatic microfauna!

Recent Publications

Maclean, J.E., J.R. Goheen, D.F. Doak, T.M. Palmer, and T.P. Young. 2011. Cryptic herbivores mediate the strength and form of ungulate impacts on a long-lived savanna tree. Ecology 92:1626-1636. PDF


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