Caroline Ng’weno (former PhD student, UW)

Caroline Ng’weno (former PhD student, UW)

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In 2017, Caroline Chebet Ng'weno earned a dual doctorate in Zoology and Hartebeest Whispering. Currently the Deputy Director of Ecological Monitoring at Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Caroline completed a dissertation that was at once conceptually interesting and relevant to the conservation of lions and wild ungulates within Laikipia.

In addition to all of *that*, Caroline spearheaded Earthwatch expeditions, established an outreach program for Samburu women interested in livestock production alongside conservation, and became a black belt in R throughout the course of her dissertation work. And she didn't even bat an eye during the Great Aardvark Rodeo of '07.

Recent Publications

Ng'weno, C.C., N.J. Maiyo, A.H. Ali, A.K. Kibungei, and J.R. Goheen. 2017. Lions influence the decline and habitat shift of hartebeest in a semiarid savanna. Journal of Mammalogy. PDF