Abdullahi Hussein Ali (former PhD student, UW)

Abdullahi Hussein Ali (former PhD student, UW)

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Besides the guy in the Dos Equis commercials, Abdullahi Hussein Ali might be the most interesting man in the world (we're biased, of course!). Fluent in four languages, Ali was born to a household of 13 brothers and sisters on the Kenya-Somali border. At the age of eight, he first set foot in a permanent structure, a schoolhouse that his uncle--then the Chief of General Staff of the Kenya Defence Forces--built with funds from the president as a reward for suppressing a military coup.

Ali's dissertation focused on the range collapse, demography, and conservation of hirola, a critically endangered antelope confined to a swath of unprotected land in eastern Kenya. As a graduate student, Ali founded the Hirola Conservation Program, dedicated to protecting hirola and their habitats in their native range.

Recent Publications

Ali, A.H., A.T. Ford, J.S. Evans, D. Mallon, M.M. Hayes, J. King, R. Amin, and J.R. Goheen. 2017. Resource selection and landscape change reveal mechanisms suppressing population recovery for the world's most endangered antelope. Journal of Applied Ecology. PDF


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